"I had my house painted in the summer of 2002. It was a fairly new house, but the original paint job and other problems with the siding called for expert painters. There is a reason I chose Moonlight Painting. The manager from a paint store said that unless the underside of each piece of this particular siding was painted I would be wasting money to have it painted at all. I received four painting bids, and when I mentioned the need for underpainting, three of contractors thought it unnecessary and only one of those reluctantly said he would do it. The reason I chose Moonlight Painting, is that they suggested that every piece of siding had to be brushed not once, but twice and it was all included in their price. Incidentally, they offered the best price. I am extremely pleased with the work they did. The painters were friendly, professional, efficient, and unobtrusive. You may not have the same problems with siding that I did, but Im confident that Moonlight Painting will do an excellent job on any project. I highly recommend them."

Barbara Hanno
522 Lexington Drive
Bozeman, MT

"Mike, Joe and the guys at Moonlight Painting are pros. Not only is the actual paint application flawless, but they also made sure they understood what we wanted, that we knew what it would take in terms of time and cost, and updated us along the way so there were no surprises. They also shared their extensive technical knowledge to steer us toward our preferred result (and in many cases, it saved us money!). We found their rates to be competitive with other painting companies, but the quality is by far the best we've seen. We are just thrilled with the end result!"

Hilary Parker
Bozeman, MT

"Moonlight Painting is a reliable and professional company. They were meticulous and exacting in their work and we are very pleased with the job they did for us."

Doug Loneman and Stana Milodragovich
Bozeman, MT

"We use the term 'Better than Excellent' in our business plan. The pursuit of that goal involves quality subcontractor firms such as Moonlight Painting. We have told this story many times but it deserves repeating. Over the many years of custom homebuilding we have used a few very fine painters. Despite the fact that they have been very good at what they do, we always have had trouble with them finishing the job perfectly without a 2 or 3 page punch list. Well, we were dumbfounded when we did the first punch list for Moonlight Painting . . . less then 5 items ! ! And that continues to be the case on every custom home that Moonlight does for our firm. Additionally, Joe and Mike are a pleasure to work with . . . true gentleman, always friendly . . . and very hard working. We asked one time for 'better than excellent' and we have never had to mention it again."

Tim and Mary Dean
Tim Dean Construction, Inc.
14 Lariat Loop
Bozeman, MT 59715
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